How Can I Lose Weight With Pcos Without Medication?

How can I lose weight with pcos without medication? Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) disease is a very serious problem for women which affects the hormones in the body of women. This causes many disorders in women’s menstruation, such as non-menstruation, and unbearable pain menstruation. This increases the growth of hair on the face and body of women.

PCOS can make it difficult to lose weight due to insulin resistance and inflammation But in overweight people, losing weight helps reduce the symptoms of PCOS to a great extent.

Dr. Stephen Franks, professor of reproductive endocrinology at Imperial College London, told Insider there’s evidence it helps to balance hormone levels and improve ovulation.

Now you must be thinking that how can I lose weight with PCOS without medication? So we will tell you about it in this article and By following these easy rules, you can reduce your weight even without any medicine.

Why losing weight can be harder if you have PCOS

Weight Loss With PCOS: Losing weight in Pcos becomes a bit difficult but not impossible. If you are struggling with the problem of Pcos and are also taking medicine for this, then it becomes very difficult for you to lose weight.

This happens because of insulin resistance and inflammation. Cells don’t respond as well to insulin, the hormone that regulates blood sugar levels, leading to insulin resistance. Due to inflammation in this, we feel sluggish and tired, which makes it difficult to exercise.

how can I lose weight with pcos without medication?

It is difficult to completely cure pcos without medicines, Like other diseases, pcos is mostly caused by adopting wrong eating habits and irregular lifestyle, so if we want to cure it, first of all, we have to improve our food and lifestyle. Pcos cannot be completely cured, but only by changing the diet and lifestyle, this disease can be controlled to a great extent.

How can I lose weight with pcos without medication-Many women are unable to conceive because of this disease, so you should get it treated and diagnosed as soon as possible. Pcos can be detected through hormonal tests and ultrasound. If you are diagnosed with pcos, you should change your lifestyle and also take medicines according to the doctor’s advice.

Easy tips for losing weight if you have PCOS-

1. Diet changes to treat pcos

A healthy diet is the main part of our content how can I lose weight with pcos without medication? To treat PCOS, dietary changes have to be made, to reduce the number of carbs in your diet, including fruits, green vegetables, whole grain wheat, etc. You should increase the amount of protein, for this, you should consume milk and curd. Consume spinach, and green veggies to increase fiber intake. Don’t forget to include healthy fats in your diet as well. For this, you brought paneer and coconut. Include olive oil, dry fruits, etc. in your diet.

Make your food as nutritious as possible. You can also avoid diabetes with a good diet.

2. Exercise to build muscle

We are talking about how can I lose weight with pcos without medication? If you want to cure PCOS or keep it under control, then you have to exercise every day to lose weight with PCOS, this will reduce your weight. You can do cardio, pushups, running, cycling, etc.

You can do any other exercise which you like. If you do not exercise, then do walk for at least 35-40 minutes. Keep trying to increase your speed while walking, this will burn more calories.

3. Have a good sleep

How can I lose weight with pcos without medication? and Getting a good amount of sleep can help control the symptoms of PCOS. If we take less sleep, then the craving for sweet food increases in the stomach, due to which the risk of diabetes increases. This also increases insulin production. Good sleep reduces our stress, which helps in balancing hormones.
If you want to lose weight with pcos, Make sure you get at least 7-8 hours of sleep every day.

Be kind to yourself and focus on healthy lifestyle changes

How can I lose weight with pcos without medication-Even if you have taken a good diet, taken good sleep, and exercised, but you do not have any permanent timing for all these, then you will not be able to get the full benefit of doing all this.

So you have to adopt regular routine. You set the time of your eating, exercising, and sleeping and accordingly make your routine which you can follow easily.

If you want to lose weight with pcos you eat food at a fixed time every day, and exercise, then all this will become a part of your life and you will find it easy to do all this.

We have given you information about how can I lose weight with pcos without medication? If you have PCOS then you can reduce your weight by doing all these things in your life and you can control it to a great extent.