Can you gain weight without counting calories?

Can you gain weight without counting calories? So scientifically it is not possible. How can you gain weight if you don’t increase your calories? Yes, it is different that you do not want to track your calories, but if you want to gain weight, then you have to increase the calories in your diet.

We are going to tell you a very simple and practical way how Can you gain weight without counting calories? But make sure you are eating enough to gain weight. You can gain weight without counting calories By following these very simple steps!

STEP 1:Make A Diet Plan
Can you gain weight without counting calories?
 You have to include protein, carbs, and healthy fat in your diet to gain weight. You can make a diet plan for yourself according to your lifestyle and daily routine. Make a diet plan that you can easily follow.

You do not need to think much that you should eat only those foods which contain protein, fat, or carbs, it is not necessary. You do not need to eat any special food, just add some healthy food to your diet. Like you can include eggs, milk, fish, chicken, fruits, grains, salads, and dry fruits in your diet.

STEP 2:Eat 4-5Times A Day
Can you gain weight without counting calories?

if you want to gain weight, then you should eat at least 4 to 5 times a day. If you already eat 4-5 times, then add one more meal to your daily routine. Eating more often does not mean that you eat fast foods or anything that harms your body.

You add the same meal which is healthy for you. If you do not have time at all or you live or work in such a place where food is available only for a limited time, then you can add snacks between your meal times. You can choose fruits or nuts or whatever healthy option you have in snacks.

STEP 3:Weight Gainer Drinks
Can you gain weight without counting calories?

Many people say that they want to eat more to gain weight but do not feel hungry. A good way for them is that they can make and take weight gainer drinks for weight gain. You can make weight gainer drinks at home in a healthy way.

It doesn’t take much time to prepare and we can have them if we feel less hungry. You can make very tasty and nutritious weight-gainer drinks at home. To make weight gainer drinks, you can add milk, oats, nuts, bananas, seeds, protein powder, etc.

STEP 4: Don’t Be Hungry

Can you gain weight without counting calories?

Our body needs the energy to do all its work. The food that we eat in our food, our body digests and converts into energy, but when we feel hungry and we do not eat, then our body starts using our body fat and muscle as energy. Due to this, instead of increasing our weight, it starts decreasing.

We have to avoid being hungry. If you feel less hungry, then you can eat little by little without eating much at once and you can also add extra meals to your diet.

STEP 5: Use Supplements If You Need

Can you gain weight without counting calories?
Can you gain weight without counting calories?

We told you how you should include healthy food in your diet, yet there are many people who cannot eat nutritious food, then they can take the help of supplements to complete their nutrition. Taking supplements is also very easy and we can take supplements to keep up with our busy lifestyles and to get quick results.

There are many supplements available in the market, but you should take supplements according to your need. It is not that you do not pay attention to diet at all, you are only eating supplements But if you are taking a very good diet, then you do not need to take supplements.

STEP 6: check your result

If you followed the diet plan and all these steps properly, then after 8-10 days you have to check your weight and see whether your weight is increasing or not.

If despite this your weight is not increasing then it means that you need to increase your diet further. Then increase the size of the diet and the amount of nutrition, you can check your weight again after a few days, surely your weight will increase.