Is chicken a good food to eat?

Friends, we all know that eating chicken is good for our health, but many people have doubts in their minds about Is chicken a good food to eat? Friends, here we will tell you about the Benefits of Eating chicken, what is the right time to eat chicken? Ways to Eat chicken, and what not to eat with chicken.

Benefits of Eating chicken

1. The Rich source of protein– We are talking about Is chicken a good food to eat? Chicken has a good amount of protein, if you talk about chicken breast, almost 200 grams of protein are found in chicken breast and whole chicken contains 18 grams of protein. Protein is very important for our body. So we can easily fulfill our protein requirement with chicken.

2. Weight Loss– Chicken contains a lot of protein which is good for our muscle growth, our fat loss is due to muscle growth, so chicken is very good for reducing obesity, but if you want to lose weight, then this It also depends on how you are cooking the chicken, if you use too much oil to make chicken, it will increase your weight instead of reducing it.

3. Strengthen Bones-Apart from protein, calcium, and phosphorus are also found in very good amounts in chicken, this makes our bones strong and it is also very good for the health of our teeth.

4. Boost Your Immunity-When we are sick, those doctors also advise us to eat chicken because chicken strengthens our immune system.If you have a cold, then drinking chicken soup will benefit you very quickly.

5. Improve Your Eye Sight-Alpha-keratin beta-ceratin and vitamin- A is found in very good amounts in chicken, due to which the light of the eyes increases and also prevents many problems in the eyes.

6. Rich in Vitamins and Minerals-Chicken contains sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, vitamin A, vitamin B, and vitamin B6, all of which are very important for our health, so we get all these vitamins and minerals in plenty in chicken.

7. Lower Cholesterol-Our cholesterol level is reduced by the nutrients found in chicken, but while making chicken, make it in a healthy way and do not use too much oil or spices.

8. Increases Testosterone-There is a good amount of zinc in chicken, which increases testosterone in men, and if you want to increase your testosterone level, then definitely include chicken in your diet.

We told you about the benefits of eating chicken, and from this, you must have known that Is chicken a good food to eat? or not. But at what time we should eat chicken or at what time should not be known, so let’s know-

what is the right time to eat chicken?

How much chicken should we eat in a day depends on our body if someone goes to the gym or does a workout then he needs more protein then accordingly he can eat more chicken and if there is a bodybuilder The requirements of his body will be different, if we talk about a normal person, then a normal person can eat 100 grams of chicken in one meal, if we talk about Is chicken a good food to eat? if we eat too much chicken at one time, then there may be problems in our digestive system.

Ways to Eat chicken

We told you about the benefits of eating chicken and from this, you must have known whether Is chicken a good food to eat? It was also told at what time chicken should be eaten, now we will know how we can eat or cook chicken.

There are many ways to eat chicken. Everyone likes to eat chicken in different ways. some of which are-

1. Bake Chicken It is very good to cook chicken by baking and it is more beneficial for our bodies.
2. Boil Chicken If you make soup by boiling chicken, then it is nutritious for our body. Drinking chicken soup is very beneficial for colds and flu.
3. Roasted Chicken We can also eat chicken by roasting it, it is nutritious and tasty by cooking it like this.
4. Grilled Chicken Grilled chicken tastes delicious and is easily digested
5. Steam Chicken Steaming the chicken is also a good way to cook it, it does not destroy the nutrients.

what not to eat with chicken

Now we know Is chicken a good food to eat? or not but there are many things that we should not eat with chicken.

Milk-if we talk about Is chicken a good food to eat? Then you should never drink milk with chicken, if you have eaten chicken, then drinking milk can cause anti-reactions with the nutrients present in milk, both milk and chicken together, or drinking milk after chicken can cause many allergies. That’s why don’t drink milk with chicken or after eating chicken.

Fish-Eating fish with chicken can be harmful. Protein and nutrients are found in abundance in both chicken and fish, but they contain different types of proteins, which can harm our body when taken together. Eating together makes it difficult for our digestive system to digest it, so never eat fish with chicken.

Honey-Eating honey with chicken can also be harmful when we eat honey with chicken our digestive system gets damaged and stomach upset or headache or vomiting can happen so avoid eating honey with chicken.

Avoid Tea-Many people have a habit of drinking tea after eating food, but if you drink tea after eating chicken or with it, then it creates obstruction in your digestive system, so never drink tea after eating chicken.


We told you about eating chicken, and from this, you must have known that Is chicken a good food to eat? or not. But According to some people’s religion, eating chicken is bad. We are not motivating anyone to eat chicken here by telling about the benefits of eating chicken. If we kill an animal and eat its meat then it is also not a good thing because those animals have as much right to live as we do. People who do not eat chicken should not think that they cannot eat healthy food because they do not eat chicken. There are many types of food items from which we can eat healthy food, so do not think that nothing is healthy without chicken.