What Is The Best Way To Lose Belly Fat Over 60?

Many people want to be healthy and fit, but our unhealthy eating habits in today’s lifestyle prevent us from taking care of our health. This leads to various diseases as well as obesity. Especially as we get older our health problems become more difficult for us.

If you are over 60 years old and want to lose weight we will give you some simple tips to help you manage your weight. So let’s know the most effective ways to reduce belly fat after turning 60 with these helpful tips.

What is the best way to Lose belly Fat over 60

As we get older, our bodies burn less energy, so we need fewer calories. This means we might have to change how much we eat or exercise to stay at a healthy weight. Moreover, changes in hormones can affect how the body absorbs and uses nutrients. For example, women’s need for iron usually decreases after menopause, but their need for calcium becomes more important for strong bones.

To lose weight, each person needs to make specific changes to their diet and daily habits that cater to their age and gender. We are discussing ‘What is the best way to lose belly fat over 60? So That’s why we will tell you how you can lose weight even after the age of 60. First, let’s talk about women-

Healthy Diet for Women(60 years)

Women typically reach menopause around the age of 51. At this stage, the hormone estrogen levels decrease, which leads to more bone loss and osteoporosis. Therefore, women need to almost double their dairy intake to make sure they get enough calcium during this time. Many women who have gone through menopause don’t include enough dairy in their diet because they worry it will make them gain weight. But it can aid in your weight loss instead.

Pick Your ProteinAfter menopause, women do not need to replace the iron they lose every month during their period. Iron and protein should be reduced slightly, from 2½ servings to 2 servings per day. You must switch some of your red meat protein sources with fish and dairy. Fish contains omega-3 fatty acids that are beneficial for the heart, while dairy products provide calcium for strong bones.

Choose Mainly Wholegrain OptionsAfter turning 60, it is suggested to eat 4 to 6 servings of cereal each day. The best way for people over 60 to lose belly fat is to primarily choose wholegrain food options such as brown rice, wholemeal bread, oats, and quinoa.

Healthy Diet For Men(60 years)

It’s important to eat less food to lose belly fat if you’re over 60 years old. As people get older, their bodies need less energy from kilojoules because their metabolism slows down and they are generally less active. Men often continue to eat the same amount of food as they did when they were younger. You can figure out how many kilojoules you need each day using a calculator on the internet. As men age, they are more likely to have heart disease compared to women. So, men need to eat healthy fats and oils in their meals. Men can add healthy fats like olive oil, nuts, and avocado to their diets.

What do you have to do after 70? –People over 70 should eat more fiber than younger. It is important to take better care of yourself if you want to lose belly fat in the best way. It can be harder to keep your bowels healthy as you get older because the muscles in your body are not as strong. Eating lots of vegetables and fruits with fiber can help keep your digestive system healthy. Men need to consume more calcium than women do. The Australian Dietary Guidelines suggest that men should have 3½ servings of dairy a day once they turn 70, up from 2½ servings.

Exercise & Meditation

As we get older, it can be harder to exercise and stay at a healthy weight. To lose belly fat after 60, it is important to exercise daily and stick to a routine. If you can’t do intense workouts, don’t stress. You can still do gentle exercises to stay healthy and manage your weight.

You can walk in the park in the morning and evening and do some stretching. If you can’t go out, you can do simple exercise at home instead. Even if you are old and can’t walk, you can still do simple exercises while sitting in a chair. You can find exercise videos on YouTube to learn how to do them. If you don’t like exercising, you can try meditation instead. It will help you feel good and improve your health.

We have tried to give you complete information about What is the best way to lose belly fat over 60? and we hope that you will like the information given by us. By including all these things in your life, you can bring good change and you can Lose Belly Fat Over 60 or 70.


How can a 70-year-old person exercise?

If you are older and can’t do heavy exercise you can go for a walk in the morning or evening. You can do simple yoga or exercise in home if you can’t go outside.

Which food is best for losing weight in old age?

Whole fruits are the best for losing weight in old age. Whole fruits provide micronutrients and calories with fiber the feeling of fullness and it will be increased and the absorption of calories will also decrease. This is why a whole fruit and a glass of water will be a better diet for weight loss.

What are the 5 foods that burn belly fat?

1. Quinoa
2. Pasta
3. Whole eggs
4. Salmon
5. Avocado

Can a 60-year-old person lose weight?

If you take care of your food and drink and do regular exercise or meditation and follow a regular routine, then you can lose weight even after the age of 60 or 70. Eat fresh vegetables, dairy products, potatoes, eggs, bread, rice, beans, and fish, and drink plenty of water. Avoiding junk food and sugar is the best way to lose belly fat.